6 members of a New Jersey family catch the Wuflu – ALL in critical condition

So far one of them has died.


Five members of a New Jersey family are in critical condition after their 55-year-old relative died last week of coronavirus, NJ.com reports. Six family members of Rita Fusco-Jackson have contracted COVID-19 and are currently hospitalized, with five of them in a New Jersey hospital and one of them in a Pennsylvania hospital. Fusco-Jackson’s mother and four siblings are reportedly at the New Jersey hospital, with four of them in critical condition. Fusco-Jackson’s brother is also in critical condition at the Pennsylvania hospital. Elizabeth Fusco, one of Fusco-Jackson’s 10 siblings, said the situation was “devastating” for the family. “Our hearts are broken over losing our sister, Rita. We just need help in saving our family members with life-saving medication,” she said, adding that the family was waiting on 19 tests of spouses and children of those hospitalized.

The township health department is reportedly coordinating with the state on the “cluster of cases,” but a Freehold health officer said they were not seeing a community spread. The New Jersey Department of Health has not spoken publicly on the matter.

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