62 counties at 100% hospital capacity…

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52 more counties may join them soon. Our new dashboard helps officials determine when hospitals are at risk of overflowing.

In my last newsletter, I wrote about “circuit breakers.” Subsequently, National Public Radio and the New York Times covered a memorandum prepared by Dr. William Hanage (an epidemiologist and a colleague of mine at Harvard) and me and which we sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Here’s the idea, as NPR succinctly put it:

“[Circuit breakers] are short-term restrictions on high-risk activities, meant to disrupt and slow down the transmission of the virus. That, in turn, would allow hospitals to continue taking care of not only COVID patients, but people with other acute conditions….”

The next question was: “How can we know which counties and states need a circuit breaker?”

The answer is real-time data; real-time Health and Human Services (HHS) and CDC data that we have access to, and which, used correctly, can provide powerful and actionable information to local and state officials.




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