7-11 Recommends that All of Their Stores in the Los Angeles Area Be Closed Due to Recent Deadly Robberies

7-11 has stores around the world.  The company is available seemingly everywhere when you need a staple quickly.  Now, unfortunately, because of recent deadly robberies at their stores, their leadership is recommending shutting down their stores in the Los Angeles area while the police find the killer(s). 

7-11 is iconic.  Its stores are seen seemingly everywhere.  From the US to Asia, 7-11 is everywhere.

In Tokyo, you can check in your bags for your flights at some 7-11s.  In Hong Kong, you can recharge your ‘Octopus’ card that allows you to purchase almost anything and ride on the subway, ferries, and buses across the city.  At all 7-11s you can purchase drinks and snacks while you travel.

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But unfortunately, these stores won’t be open for a second night in the area around Los Angeles.  The Daily Caller reports:



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