7 Easy Ways to Earn Money as College Student

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For most of the college students m – life is tough – isn’t it? Mostly because when you are paying your bills and tuition fees, it is difficult to manage your finances. According to statistics, around 80% of the college students do a part-time job to meet their expenses.

It is often challenging for students to keep up with their studies while doing the jobs at the same time. But here is good news, there are plenty of smart ways that can help them earn good amount of money without sacrificing too much time.

We have listed 7 of the easiest but rewarding jobs in this article.


  • Online Virtual Assistant


If you are in college, the chances are, you already know how to use Microsoft Office, cloud storage services, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and other project management tools and software. If yes, you can easily become a virtual assistant.  

As technology enables small and medium businesses to manage all their data and tasks online, the need for a full-time office assistant is no longer a necessity. Many businesses are now looking for tech-savvy young people who can help them with small online tasks at affordable prices.

This offers a unique opportunity to college students who can do most of these tasks from their room’s computer while doing their studies at the same time.


  • Freelance Writing


Are you among the very few college students who are still doing their college essays on their own and scoring top marks. If yes, you are a good writer, which means, you can offer your services as a freelance writer.

The good thing is – you have plenty of options to work as a freelance writer. You can write as a freelance blog writer, resume writer, create your own blog and monetize it, or simply do what you do the best, write essays and assignments for other students by joining an established essay writing service.

This is also a great help for students as writing essays for other students also help you improve in your studies. In addition, there is a lot of work available as 70% of the students in North America and Australia now use essay writing services. It is the easiest way to ensure top scores in your assignments after all, so why not use it?


  • Social Media Assistant
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Another quick and easy way is to work as a social media assistant. Almost all of the college students are well versed in modern social media platforms, and how to extend their reach through social media pages.

On the other hand, businesses also need a full-time or a part-time social media assistant to focus on their social media platforms. The good thing is – social media is something that most students love to spend time on. This makes it a fun and a very easy way to make some money.


  • Data Entry


This may not pay you much, but you can also do these small tasks from your room without putting much effort. Data entry jobs are also easily available online that allows you to collect and input data online. So no need to waste time to commute between the job and the college.


  • Drive Uber


Some students want to work according to their own timetable and do not want a strict work schedule. If you are one of those, driving Uber or other similar services not only earn you a good amount of money, but also saves a lot of time.

If you want to study for long hours, no problem, you don’t have to worry about reaching the work at the specific time. You can drive Uber whenever you want, for how long you want, whatever suits your needs.


  • Fill Online Surveys
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This is also one of the easiest ways to earn money, but not as rewarding as some other ways. But again, the advantage is that you can fill these paid surveys from your room, from your laptop, or even from your mobile when riding a bus.


  • Become Affiliate Marketer


This is another great way to earn money without leaving your room. Just create an online website, write reviews of different products, refer your readers to specific online stores, and earn commission on each sale.

Easy, isn’t it? Even though you have to put some effort initially to beat the competition, and to rank your website higher in search engines, but once you accomplish top rankings and build significant traffic, the rest is easy. You can make money even when you are sleeping.


There are 100s of more ways to earn money while in college, but the seven listed above are not only the easiest, most student-friendly jobs, but can also earn you more money than your expectations. Especially if you want to work as a writer or start your own affiliate marketing business. If done right, these can also become lifelong serious careers that can even help you after completing your studies.


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