7 Things To Show That You Are Not Living In The “Land Of The Free”

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The 40-hour working week is automatically accepted.  Economically speaking, you may be living comfortably, but your request for fewer hours to pursue things outside of the workplace would be declined.

In other words you’re given an ultimatum: Do a 40-hour working week or you won’t get any work.


Following on from 2, there are indeed many people having to do the 40-hour working week plus overtime on a skimpy hourly rate just to survive: Wage slavery refers to those having to be completely dependent on their next paycheck to make ends meet. Debt, consumerism and inflation are major factors linked to wage slavery (economic slavery) and automatically accepting the 40-hour working week.



Increasing in number, these days, there are so many authoritarian ordinances, rules and regulations restricting freedom. There’s very little you can do without permission from your control freak government. Here are just some examples.

* Do you own a property? If so, then having to forever pay property taxes brings into question the idea of ‘ownership.’  For example, having lived there for some 20 years, you may well have paid the same money in property taxes as the cost of your home.

* For home renovations, you have to let your government know what you’ll be doing to get their permission. Then, on completion, you must make sure that you’ve complied with their regulations.

* If you want to sell your homemade produce, no matter how small the cost, you’ll have to pay for a license from the government.

* Do you want to grow your own vegetables for supplementing your food budget? If so, then be careful. You could be criminally charged, then fined.  One man was fined for growing vegetables that prevented people from seeing grass! If you go fishing for supplementing your food budget then you’ll need to have a license.

* Your car is one of the many eternal taxes you will have to pay to your government. Indeed, it’s as if the only thing that isn’t taxed is the air you breathe, but who knows, maybe one day there’ll be a levy on that! Consider the shed loads of money the government makes from exponentially increasing ordinances, rules, regulations and taxes.

Having not paid the necessary fees or taxes, or not obtained a license or permit from the mafia government you could find yourself in big trouble, not matter how petty or small the non-compliance. Like, for instance, the children outlawed for selling lemonade at a charity.

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Then there’s the case of the woman who had her home seized for missing a $6.30 interest charge!




Mass surveillance is yet another way in which your freedom has been sabotaged by the government and related departments. In spite of the increasing surveillance and a more and more militarized police state, crime rates have not decreased.

Indeed, a number of us know that surveillance cameras here, there and everywhere go way beyond the purpose of crime detection. So do drone hunters monitoring applications such as your mobile phone activity, spying electronic mosquitoes, body micro-chipping, facial recognition and car number plate detection technology … There are plans for a black box to be installed in every car to monitor drivers. Then there’s a plan for a biometric DNA database on all citizens…

These are just some of the surveillance technologies for a Big Brother control-obsessed government.




The government’s tyranny of free speech suppression just keeps on growing, everywhere. So-called intolerable speech categorizations such as a ‘trigger-1,’ ‘micro-aggression‘ or ‘red light‘ is encouraged by authorities to be reported, hence, the encouraging of a snitch community. Weasel-brained political correctness, word prohibitions, social media censorship… all contribute to limiting free speech.

When free speech is limited it leads to a nation of citizens who are:

  1. Unable to encompass critical thought
  2. Greatly limited when making choices
  3. Dogmatic and unhealthily skeptical
  4. Extremist and intolerant
  5. Easier to be manipulated and controlled by authorities
  6. More likely to accept authoritative views, no matter how untrue they may be
  7. Likely in numbers to react with violent outbursts due to the ‘bottling up effect’ caused by the suppression


Over Christmas, like a thief in the night, Obama sneakily passed a bill called the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.” It gives the government the powers to label truthful and accurate information that they don’t want you to know about, such as that from alternative media sources, as “propaganda” or “fake news.”

In effect, this new law will be used to block free speech, threatening the existence of alternative/independent media or any other information source deemed anti-government.

This globalist propaganda and the censoring of free speech in America must be stopped by:

  1. Accelerating all efforts to spread the word about this unconstitutional, undemocratic, inhumane, Anti-American and treasonous act and defy…
  2. Encourage leakers such as the governmental whistleblowers and those in the corporate mainstream media to expose the truth.
  3. Lobby the new President-elect Trump and associates to reiterate the 1st Amendment and disparage attempts to brand anti-government information as treasonous.
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This act is a desperate attempt (one of many) to stop the rising mass awakening of the people and the consequences of them finding out the truth. But the more governmental tyranny, the more the people wake up…


Following on from 5, as a dissenter, not having the same opinion as the establishment or the masses, you may find yourself demonized for your views or actions, which could even lead you into dire straits through being outlawed. Thus demonizing dissension, especially because an anti-government stance is becoming less tolerated.


Criminalizing goodwill gestures is part of the war on humanity and your freedom of self-expression. Here are just several examples.

*Taking the case of the homeless. In many American states it is now illegal to donate food to the homeless. If caught, pending your involvement, you could be heavily fined.  Those in a church at Dundalk, Maryland found this out the hard way. The church was fined a whopping $12,000 for letting the homeless sleep overnight at its outside grounds.

Another Good Samaritan criminalized for his compassion, trying to make a difference to the plight of the homeless, was Jay Hamberger. Because of helping the homeless for some 27 years in Houston he became an outlaw.

Further, it is now illegal to be homeless. How do authorities expect these impoverished people to pay the fines?? Even their meager possessions: bedclothes, clothes, tents, papers, medications … are confiscated. How could any policeman confiscating these possessions not consider this action to be inhumane?

Will these outrageous prohibitions find their way across the entire country? According to researcher Michael Snyder they will as part of the war on the homeless.

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