7200+ MASS Store Closures! Economic Slowdown and the End of Retail

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This is the most complete video I have done on this subject. I covered most issues within a relatively short time period. There’s something seriously wrong with the picture we are seeing today. What do you think is happening?

At this point in 2019, there is now no doubt that retail is falling rapidly. The cause of which is many fold. Regardless, it’s an obvious threat to many jobs. Anchor stores are going out of business and the stores surrounding these once profitable locations are now hurt by the ripple effect. So far in 2019 we have surpassed the store closures from the previous year and are on pace for a record year. That’s not a good sign.


In this video I’m going to show you how many stores are scheduled to close in 2019, how many stores are opening in 2019, and two separate sources to find the most recent data related to this subject.


Here’s a running list of retail store closures announced in 2019


Weekly US and UK Store Openings and Closures Tracker 2019, Week 22: Cato Announces Closures | Coresight Research


The Mall Meltdown Continues – WSJ



Dollar Tree adding alcohol to 1,000 Family Dollar stores


Daily Job Cuts – Layoffs News / Job Layoffs 2019 / 2018 , Bankruptcy, Store closings, Business Economy News




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