$7k into $40k this morning on ZM Puts (Was my last 7k)

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by professordurian

Took my last 7k and bought ZM puts at the close yesterday. 200 strike, expiration today, and paid $0.70 average. Thank you fucking god for that jobs report this morning.

For once, I miraculously sold the HOD. Quickly sold the open at $2.70, $3.10 and $3.38

The puts immediately dropped in value to $1.

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I am back baby


EDIT: Looks like ZM is about to dump hard and I may have left tens of thousands on the table. The truth is, I don’t care. I sold at $3 and it went down to $1. I didn’t have to live through that. Congrats to all ZM shorts who held on longer

EDIT #2: Yes, I was heavily vaccinated as a child. Please don’t make fun of me

EDIT #3: Puts I sold for $3.02 are now trading at $0.20


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