80% Of U.S. Population REVERSE Reopening or Pausing! Loans Run Out and Crisis Magnifies!

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Lockdown 2.0 is on. We have seen much of the population reversing the trend of reopening which has a major impact on the economy through various factors. The hardest hit industries are going to be hit yet again. Areas that were grateful to see things opening up, were smacked with a reversal of that trend and this might be an even bigger group of businesses that ultimately fail. This is completely separate from what we are seeing in the stock market. The growth has accelerated essentially defying gravity, in a grand disparity, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


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These restaurant chains filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic


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Why PPP loans may not be enough for these business owners


Jamie Dimon’s warning for the U.S. economy


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Shadow Bank Weaknesses Forced Fed’s Market Rescue, Quarles Says – Bloomberg



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