9000 Stores CLOSE in 2019 as Global Economy Collapsing! Central Banks Will Buy All Assets

The count is now up to 9000 stores! Everyone has an excuse for it but if they took off the blinders, they would be able to see reality. It’s everywhere. It’s going on all of the world and it’s getting worse. In the end, not only will the central banks not save you, they’ll scoop up assets for pennies on the dollar. It’s already happening but only a fraction of what we’ll see.


The entire global economy is looking weak. There have been mild upswings over the past 2 years, but ultimately, it has been falling, further and further down. There is no possibility of central bank intervention actually supporting an economy. Printing fake fiat money and buying toxic assets simply doesn’t benefit the average person. In the next recession, central banks will be overwhelmingly pursued to buy assets of all kinds. Stocks, bonds, and who knows what else? It’s only a matter of time before their intention on owning everything comes to light.

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Weekly US and UK Store Openings and Closures Tracker 2019, Week 43


Hong Kong plunges into deep recession | World news | The Guardian


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Rural Chinese lender cautiously re-opens for business after averted bank run – Reuters


Dow drops more than 100 points, S&P 500 falls from record to end October


German exports to shrink next year, first fall since global financial crisis – DIHK – Reuters


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World record in negative rates has bankers testing no-man’s land, Banking & Finance – THE BUSINESS TIMES


Pirelli cuts guidance, delays business plan in worsening scenario – Reuters


Ford to lay off 450 workers in Canada as Flex production ends


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