99%+ Vaccinated United Airlines offers triple pay (3.5x’s) to pilots as Omicron spreads among vaccinated staff. Spirit doubles pay

They almost seem to want to say the ‘effective’ ‘vaccine’ isn’t very effective at all.

United Airlines said Friday that it will offer triple pay to pilots who pick up extra flights as bad weather and the omicron variant continue to slam the airline industry, with thousands of trips canceled since Christmas.

A flight operations executive with the company, Bryan Quigley, said in a staff note obtained by NBC News that pilots would earn three-and-a-half times their pay for additional flights between Dec. 30 and Jan. 3.

They’ll earn triple pay for flying extra between Jan. 4 and 29, the note says…

…Spikes in sick calls as the highly transmissible omicron variant spread

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United Airlines Says Almost All Its Workers Are Vaccinated; Some Others May Be Fired
United Airlines is touting the success of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying that more than 99% of its U.S.-based employees have met the company’s requirement to get vaccinated, or have applied for a religious or medical exemption.

Spirit’s flight attendants are receiving double pay on any work through Jan. 4, according to their union, United is offering triple time for pilots who pick up extra trips during January

Coupled with the prospect of dealing with unruly passengers, many pilots and cabin crew are even forgoing overtime incentives.




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