A 100 BPS Rate Hike Will Break the Already Collapsing World Economy

by Chris Black

The latest CPI read was abysmal at 9.1% for June, and many are speculating that the FED will do a 100 BPS rate hike at the FOMC next week.

The already announced 75 point hike is still big, when all the talk was about 50 point hikes a few months ago. 

Yet a trial balloon of a 100 point hike causes the market to rally on the 75 point hike.

 All because that supposedly means the Fed won’t hike as aggressively. 

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It really is just like a tax cut when your taxes go up 5%, but they said they might go up 6. So your taxes actually went “down” by 1%.

They even pull that crap with administration salaries. Our school administrators actually claimed they cut their salaries after voting themselves a 10% pay raise because the pay raise was supposed to be 15%.

The entire system is a clown show.

But hey, the economy is going straight to shit in a train on fire, Europe is going under, China is collapsing, gas is $6 a gal her in US, people are in the streets protesting all over the planet, sounds like a bull market to me.


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