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…The College will tell you that they have an open call process that is fair and transparent for the Board Director appointments. However, I served three years as Director for a BC Board. When my appointment came up for renewal, I received a call from the NDP government staff member who was overseeing Board appointments and told me that she appreciated my work on the Board. However, new Board Directors were being appointed based on skin colour, gender, ethnicity and Aboriginal identity. Nothing to do with merit! I am not a member of a provincial political party so I am sure that didn’t help either, in this fair and transparent appointment process! … [bold my emphasis]

One doctor I spoke to teaches at UBC and they are not required to be vaccinated (just rapid testing as required). However, this person also teaches UBC medical students at KGH and is now not allowed to teach the students without being vaccinated. This doctor also has their own practice with 20 years’ experience. Another BC doctor I spoke to is Dr. Steve Pelech. Dr. Pelech has over 33 years’ experience as UBC professor, medical researcher and President CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) of a bio-tech company. Here is a link to his bio.

Dr. Pelech is near the end of his career so he is not afraid to speak the truth without facing ramifications from his association. Actually, Dr. Pelech stated that more and more of his peers are now approaching him and sharing firsthand information as to what is happening to patients in BC and across Canada. Dr. Pelech is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. They represent over 1,000 members, comprised of physicians, research scientists (including virologists, vaccinologists and immunologists) and others, including highly accomplished professors from top Canadian universities, allied healthcare professionals, and lawyers from across Canada, who have serious concerns with respect to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country.

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