Almost unbelievable results from…

by davefairtex

I saw some really bizarre headlines on  Is this just me?  Or do you guys see this too?

Combination of iota-carrageenan and xylitol as a potential nasal spray for COVID

Of course we’ve known about iota-carrageenan for perhaps a year now.  But it is now bubbling up in MSM??  Why on earth would they start hinting at possible treatments??  This might give people hope and cause vaccine hesitancy.

‘False sense of security’ around vaccines as Europe again COVID epicentre – WHO

I mean, it doesn’t exactly talk about vaccine failure, but it sure isn’t a great headline – perhaps leading to more vaccine hesitancy.

And this one is totally bizarre:

Reinfection from Covid-19 is rare, severe disease is even rarer, a study of people in Qatar finds
The study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine found that there were few confirmed reinfections among 353,326 people who got Covid-19 in Qatar, and the re-infections were rare and generally mild.

Researchers found that among the remaining cases there were 1,304 reinfections. The median time between the first illness and reinfection was about 9 months.

“When you have only 1,300 reinfections among that many people, and four cases of severe disease, that’s pretty remarkable,” said John Alcorn, an expert in immunology and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh who was not affiliated with this study.

So “prior infection efficacy vs severe disease” is 99.998868%.  [4 / 353,326].  That’s just a teensy bit better than “the vaccine.”  [Note: “severe disease” = having to go to the hospital.  Not even the ICU.  No deaths.]

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I’m worried that this last news item would really lead to vaccine hesitancy!  I mean, I feel hesitant after reading it!

My point is not about the facts.  We’ve known them forever.  My point is that the facts are actually being published by the mainstream media.

Has something important changed?

I don’t have an answer.  While I wait for my turkey to finish cooking overnight.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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