A Big Warning for TEXANS

Most Californians staying put despite the mass exodus from the state are pointing Texans to 10-20 years ago when California was still very much the new heaven.

Before the tech boom and the ridiculously high cost of living in the blue state, houses were relatively cheap. But as more and more companies spring up in the Bay area, the cost of living skyrocketed and so goes the city. Now Californians wish they could go back to when the state was still normal and not having over 40% of homeless people in the United States.

While it is still too early to judge the effect of immigration into the state, many native Texans are already complaining of a surge in rent prices.

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Before the increased immigration into the State, a studio apartment was said to be around $400, but that has reportedly increased by 100% to $800.

But experts also say there will be an increase in the cost of groceries as well as utilities as the population continues to grow. This is likely to make living uncomfortable to native Texans who have grown accustomed to their relatively low cost of living.

There is also the concern that with the vast amount of companies and businesses trooping into the state, farm fields will soon be converted into factories all in the name of development, thereby shifting attention from farming and robust Agriculture into more synthetic food consumption which may not be too healthy for the residents.

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With every population growth comes the risk of the inflated cost of living. Texans priding themselves in their relatively normal standard of living may find themselves going back on their words in a few years when the cost of living starts to skyrocket just as it did with California.

More so, Texas has been known for a water crisis at some point in the year, with a population that is rapidly growing, how will the residents cope with a massive water drought?

As the city grows, with more and more businesses moving in, workers may need to drive to their work places and they risk an increased traffic jam situation.


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