A Billion Apps. – Artificial Intelligence Your New Way of Life? No More Thinking?

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by Thinker

In our ever changing world, communication between individuals is steadily decreasing while the communication with our electronic devices is soaring. Slowing humans are losing the ability to function on their own and are depending more and more on their electronic devices to tell them what to do. Get up, go to sleep, call, eat, what to eat, wear, do, etc.. The end goal is to have humans not use their brains at all and it would seem that the new world order is very close.

Why can’t humans use 100% of their brain?

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Flash Crash

Your World is an Anthill

9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe.

Children are the Future. Will earth still be around for them or will greedy, selfish adults destroy it trying to be the ones to control it?

Let the children rule!

What has already been destroyed on planet earth looks like, the toddlers at the terrible two stage have been in charge. Fighting, bombing, calling each other names – When will the leaders of the world grow up? When will the bombs and weapons for more wars stop being built?

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When will enough be enough?

When leaders are chosen from the content of their character and heart, and not from wealth, name, or publicity. Wake up and educate yourself about your world with a lesson from a nine year old, who is more enlightened than most of those with PHD”S. A child more aware of the universe and his surrounding and will get dumbed down with every day he is indoctrinated into a system that doesn’t teach what he is.


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