A British oil tanker just stopped cold in the middle of the Persian Gulf

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One hour ago a British oil tanker named PACIFIC VOYAGER on its way from Singapore to Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia just stopped cold in the middle of the Persian Gulf. Supposedly an Iranian vessel was hanging around in that area around the same time it stopped.

It could be nothing but who knows?

This info comes from IntelDoge:

Here is the ship on marinetraffic


This same ship was mentioned in an article written Friday morning:

Iranian commander warns British ship could be seized if oil tanker detained in Gibraltar is not released…

“At least one British-flagged tanker, a super-tanker called the Pacific Voyager, passed through the strait of Hormuz en route to the Saudi port of Ras Tanura on Friday. It is Japanese-owned, operated by a Singaporean company, and hired by a subsidiary of a South Korean firm.”





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