A “conservative” lawmaker has a plan for free tampons at Washington colleges

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“Conservative” Melanie Stambaugh

Back in November 2014 I told you about this woman, Melanie Stambaugh, a Republican and former Daffodil Queen who defeated five-term Democratic incumbent Dawn Morrell in the 25th District (Washington state). From my post:
The 24-year-old old owns her own business, You Impression, which is a company that helps people build confidence, providing leadership training, anti-bullying workshops for kids, and professional development.
Stambaugh said her own confidence skills came in handy during the election. She said her strategy was really to focus on people and not focus on politics.
Stambaugh is excited for the opportunity to go to Olympia and said she’s confident that her age is not going to hinder her ability to make an impact. She thinks it will actually be a good thing for the legislature.
“I think it’s important that we have a variety of perspectives down in the legislature and really young voices are not represented.”
Turns out she’s not that conservative after all. Sounds like she’s more of a republican for the progressive voters in Washington state.
And remember, the feminists want you to believe womyn are equal, until they need you to pay for their personal hygiene products. How empowering!
From MyNorthwest.comA House bill in Olympia aims to establish a new $1 million government program that will provide free tampons to students at Washington colleges.
“The Conservative argument is that we want to support our students achieving their education,” Representative Melanie Stambaugh told 770 KTTH’s Jason Rantz. “Currently, at our community and technical college campuses, 56 percent of the students are female. The median age is 26. These students often have more difficult financial situations. Hence, why they are going through the community and technical college system. We want to ensure that when a woman needs — often times in an emergency situation — a product, that she has it available to her.
Stambaugh is a Republican representative for the state’s 25th District (Puyallup). HB 2863 proposes to provide free tampons at community and technical colleges in Washington state. There are 34 such institutions in the state.
If approved, it would cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million a year to provide free tampons. But Stambaugh believes that is an overestimate. Washington State University in Vancouver already provides the feminine hygiene products for free, so she is looking at those costs for a more accurate estimate.
Stambaugh notes that the tampons currently available to students at colleges — for a price — don’t align with modern spending habits because they require people to carry cash. She says that only about 24 percent of purchases are made in cash nowadays.
The representative says professors at some colleges are already providing free tampons.
She knows there’s a need for it in Washington.
“The idea for this bill actually came to me from a student at Pierce College in Puyallup,” Stambaugh said. “She had noticed that many of the tampon and feminine hygiene product dispensers in the bathrooms weren’t stocked. So she started doing some research and found that there is a wave across the country where many four-year universities are now providing tampons for free.”

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1 thought on “A “conservative” lawmaker has a plan for free tampons at Washington colleges

  1. A House bill in Olympia aims to establish a new $1 million government program that will provide free tampons to students at Washington colleges.
    Where did this $1 million come from? the tax payers or the students? SO THE TAMPONS AREN’T ACTUALLY FREE, except to the recipients! THIS WOMAN IS NOTHING BUT A LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PRETENDING TO BE A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN! otherwise known as a RINO!

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