“A Day Without Women” is the First Step in a Plan Towards a Fascist USA

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by Mark Angelides

It may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but I’m going to lay out step by step how the “Day Without Women” marches taking place across the world (and especially in the US), are the first decisive steps in a plan to achieve Mussolini’s dream of “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato” (“everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”).
The people involved in the Marches don’t know about it, they are “useful idiots”, but the face behind the curtain knows full well each of the next steps, and when you consider them, you’ll see that it’s almost inevitable.
Step 1:
The marches take place, the media applauds, Liberals ( and many, many others) everywhere rejoice in the fact that women’s rights are getting much needed publicity.
Step 2:
The media and politicians start to focus on what we can do to rectify the unnamed wrongs. They come up with something important to everyone, and which no one could really object to (without seeming like an ass): Proper Paid Maternity Leave for All Women.
Examples will be made about how France manages to give every women 2 whole years maternity leave. And how the US can surely manage at least 6 months.
Step 3:
Big Business will applaud the Government and media for bringing this to their attention. They will immediately draft business based regulations to ensure all women are properly protected. They will even lobby government at State level to ensure women’s rights are protected.
Step 4:
This will become law. All employers will be required to provide maternity leave for female employees regardless of employment type (or at least pay a part premium through State Health Care Providers).
Step 5: (this step applies to both male and female employers)
Small business owners (perhaps those with less than 20 employees, who make up 89% of all US businesses), will have an ethical debate on their hands. Do they employ the man, or the equally qualified women who happens to be of child bearing age? Both male and female business owners must do a calculation on whether their business could survive the hiring of another employee to temporarily replace the one they are still paying for while she has her child.
For example: $15 per hour X 40 hours per week X 6 months = $14400. Now the regulation may not stipulate that the whole amount will b paid by the employer, but what if two women become pregnant, or three? This will result in a business failing.
So the employers will most likely choose the man.
Step 6:
The media and Government will begin to bemoan the fact that on a case by case basis, men are being hired more than women. This will result in more Women’s Marches. They will start to look at ways in which they can stop this travesty, how can they fix this base misogyny?
Step 7:
Big Business will step in and say they feel moved by the plight of the poor women and announce that they support regulation that means companies must have a 50/50 hiring policy for men and women. The Government will cheer (especially at State level) and begin drafting laws that Big Business will help with.
Step 8:
All small businesses will now have to adhere to these regulations and hire more women (many of whom will be of child bearing age). The businesses will close down. Not all of them of course, but more and more than were before.
Step 9:
Based on this roaring success of getting women into the workplace, the Government will be encouraged by Big Business to put more “equal rights legislation” onto the books.
Step 10:
The vast majority of private owned businesses that operate in communities will be replaced by multi-nationals that work hand in hand with Big Government. The Government feeds the Corporations and the Corporations feed the Government. This was Mussolini’s dream, and it’s about to happen now.

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11 thoughts on ““A Day Without Women” is the First Step in a Plan Towards a Fascist USA

      • Not to mention that is exactly what happened with the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ 1990 put forth by Al Gore, a bunch of regulations caused a large drop in the number of employed disabled people because employers couldn’t afford not only all the upgrades, but the chance of being sued for a whole new slew of reasons. Government is not a bunch of idiots, they are following orders, all on purpose to destroy business of the small independent type. Like the Great Depression wiped out the mom and pop banks on purpose, all planned out years in advance.

      • I pretty much said it all above. Perhaps you are one of the people that are attracted to negative news?? I’m not. It is part of the fear based manipulation of our lives. I dare you to go to any of the news sites, Activist Post, Brietbart, IWB, etc. and try to find uplifting, positive news.
        Listen to web radio like rense, or the common sense show, etc….more droning on of darkness.
        We are being controlled friend, living on a longer leash doesn’t make you free. If we really had “alternative news” then it wouldn’t read like msm don’t you think. We would have news on organizing, stratagizing, etc. These so-called “alt” sites and stations are in the same clickbait ratings mode as msm, just packaged to look different.
        Ego driven 5000 word essays that mostly say “look how smart I am” or half hour videos that waste one’s time with the same message. You see, there is this game afoot of “I am more awake than you cause I can repeat all the catch phrases of the movement.” Calling others sheep or being asleep gives the name caller a leg up in their mind.
        Meanwhile, the Fukushima life extinction event goes unmentioned, our kids are not being taught history, cursive writing, or PE. We continue to watch TV “PROGRAMING” and use internal combustion recreation to celebrate holidays that have lost their meaning.
        And this little 10 step essay is more predictive programing at work. Does any of this make sense to you?

  1. But fascists are the good guys. What you’re describing here is progressive Marxism, not fascism which, by definition, apprehends women’s role to be primarily in the home. I mean, can you imagine how much better off we would all be if the good guys had won world war 2?

  2. Ok, here is a way women will feel more empowered..
    Require every female (born since 1960) to register for Selective Service. Penalize every female past the age of 26 for not registering.

  3. It’s old knowledge that government interferes in the marketplace creates imbalances that cause the need for even more government interference in the marketplace, which causes the need for…

  4. We have had fascism since 1963 when the establishment killed Kennedy. The partnership of business and government has given us the last fifty four years of chaos but a few people got rich so it was worth it.

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