A Simple Way to Win the War: Let the Left Tear Itself Apart

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by Mark Angelides

The Information War taking place is leaving casualties Left, Right, and Center. The sad fact is that a war between Americans does no one any good, and is almost certain to leave a legacy that shames all of us. And although it seems that to fight/engage, is to become less than we aspire to be, the prospects of losing and the results for the U.S would be a true disaster. An answer lies in the Ancient Greek story of Thesus.
Thesus was a peasant boy who was actually the son of a King in hiding; he hoped to one day lead his country. But he was not as strong as other boys and was beaten. He said to himself “I will not live this way!” he cried to the wind.  “I will not be small and weak and poor.  I will be a king, a warrior…or I will not be at all.”
One day, a bird appeared and cracked open a clam on a rock. The bird asked Thesus if he could solve a riddle (the riddle being why the bird could open the large clam but nor smaller, lighter shells). The bird said ”Do not fear your enemy’s size, but use it against him.  Then his strength will become yours.” And, of course, Thesus went on to do great things.
This story can actually guide us in how to win the war  of ideas taking place right now. So far, we have refused to engage in Identity Politics, we have refused to attack false assumptions for fear of being shamed as “racists” or “bigots”, and most of all, we have let them get away with holding Contradictory Views.
As Orwell described, DoubleThink is the process by which a person can believe two contradictory things at the same time. And this is what is happening in protest marches around the country and in special interest Law suits.
If we can expose their DoubleThink, we will in fact be using Thesus’ bird friend’s idea to full effect. Here are some examples of Liberal DoubleThink that can be used against them (and please note, that I am not making judgments on any of the mentioned groups, just showing that they are fundamentally opposed to EACH OTHER).
Example 1: Transgender Vs. Cultural Appropriation
Cultural appropriation is described as the appropriation of one groups ideas, object or traditions by a “more powerful” group. If we are to assume (as almost the whole Left does), that Men are the dominant (patriarchy etc…), then a man who identifies as a women would be Culturally Appropriating the aspects of a Woman. If a white girl wears hooped earings or a white teen has dreadlocks (see he video below) is Cultural Appropriation, why not a guy who wears a dress, or has breasts implanted?

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Example 2: Feminists Vs. Islamists
When feminists are calling for “equality in all things”, yet march with groups in favour of immigration from Islamic countries, this is a clear example of DoubleThink. Of the 7 countries on President Trump’s list of “curtailed immigration”, 5 of them have either laws or extreme public pressure to wear some kind of covering on their head and bodies (not always the Hijab, but still covering hair and flesh). And in almost all other Muslim majority countries, the % of people who think a rape victim who was walking around “uncovered” “probably deserved it” is alarmingly high. Feminists fighting for Islam = Riduculous case of DoubleThink
There are of course many more examples (please feel free to mention them in the comment section below), but we need to start challenging these contradictory messages by calling people out on them. We can win the war, not through violence, but through showing others that the ideas and ideals of the Left are not only wrong, but actively illogical. We must fight them using their own “strength” of identity politics against them.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Win the War: Let the Left Tear Itself Apart

  1. Pretty much happening right now. The mentally deficient “left” keeps showing the world what they are really about, and IMO their only cause is creating violence and throwing temper tantrums. And it is the most joyous thing to watch, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “The sad fact is that a war between Americans does no one any good, and is almost certain to leave a legacy that shames all of us.”
    I don’t agree with that Mark. I believe this is a true, not literal or religious, battle of what is known as light and dark. Light, as in enLIGHTenment.
    Victims of the liberal, left, socialist agenda from the media, entertainment, education, etc. they are unable to use critical thinking skills and these people are being reactive, not cognitive.
    If history will actually occur, and survivors of Fukushima radiation, chemtrails, toxic food and water, etc. are around it will show that great masses of Americans, took a stand against the madness, by putting their faith in an honest man who loved them and their country. MAGA ????

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