Obama Administration Was Using Russian Spies To Monitor Trump Campaign – That Is What Hillary Clinton's Assistant Robby Mook Says, But How Does He Know?

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by Pamela Williams
There are so many theories out there about President Trump being wiretapped at Trump Tower. One was just announced by Robby Mook of the Clinton Camp. He admitted to knowledge of Trump wire taps taking place during the presidential campaign. This surveillance, according to Mook, was initially to monitor Russian operatives, not the Trump. The most surprising aspect of Mook’s theory is that information would be classified, so how did he have access to it? Man, the swamp is deep here, but I am sure President Trump will drain it, as he does have access to the paper trail that would show him access to exactly who, why, and where
In this scenario Obama would need no court approval to monitor communications of foreign agents. One or more Russian operatives who were already being monitored could have been instructed to communicate to Trump associates. Those communications could then be monitored and none would require court approval. This would kind of let Obama off the hook, but then there are so many reports of the FISA warrant. This is becoming very confusing, but the thing we do know is President Trump and his associates were being wire tapped. He had no privacy…none of us do, as we have found out from WIKILEAKS VAULT 7.

The New York Times seems to point to this method being used to push General Michael Flynn into resigning his position as Trump National Security Adviser. It could also be the same used against current Trump Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Remember, it was the Obama White House that actually set up the first of two meetings between then Senator Sessions and the Russian ambassador. Wow, what a tangled web of deceit was woven within the Obama White House. What a low place they stooped to when they decided to cheat and steal the Election from President Trump, but God had another thing coming for them. They would lose!
But they do not recognize God; therefore, they did not recognize the lesson He wanted to teach them. They are like the Fallen Angels, they only want what they want, with no consideration of others…certainly not God. Thus, there will be rocky roads ahead for all of us as Obama and Company continue to rebel against God and America. They will not stop until all the glory of our Country is gone, and I resent them. I am weary of this deceit and where it is leading the Country as a whole. I am sick and tired of selfish, egotistical, and evil people within this government! We finally are blessed with a good man at the helm, and he is becoming jaded and tired of fighting every day to get the job done for the American people. God bless President Trump, for we appreciate what he is doing. He has created a vast number of jobs, and immigration numbers are down all in his first 100 days.
Not only that, his wonderful family are participating in the job to make America great, too Ivanka is leading the way in putting an end to human trafficking. She has encouraged his Father to use all his might and powers as President to round up the sex traffickers and pedophiles in Washington DC. God love her, as President Trump has already started with arrests all over this Country.
Here is another version of the wiretapping that is quite interesting coming from Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly. He told CNN that Trump had compelling evidence that Barack Obama did order a wiretap on Trump Tower. This is good that someone within the government is turning on Obama. I hope to see more of that, don’t you?
Kelly is a retired military general who was confirmed as the new  Secretary of Homeland Security on President’ Trump’s recommendation just a few weeks earlier.  He told CNN the following:  “If the president of the United States said that, he’s got his reasons to say it,” Kelly said Monday on CNN’s “The Situation Room.” “He’s got some convincing evidence that that took place.”
Kelly didn’t go so far as to say what the evidence was, or if he had personally reviewed it himself. At this point he simply appears content to let the media know he believes it does exist and is supporting President Trump’s claim that his home and offices were bugged by the previous Obama administration in the middle of a presidential election. He also took a swipe at CNN’s claims of having “sources” who are now making claims of what FBI Director James Comey has or hasn’t said regarding the matter. As of now, Comey has made no public statement regarding the claimed Obama wire tapping of Trump Tower.  Given his long history as a no-nonsense and highly decorated military man, and current position as the head of the single largest U.S. government agency, Kelly’s words carry considerable weight.

Published on Mar 6, 2017

But surveillance experts — and especially surveillance critics — were quick to note the myriad other routes officials have to get at the banter inside Trump Tower.
Through routine data collection programs authorized under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the government gathers information from the internet backbone, which carries web browsing histories and a rapidly increasing amount of telephone traffic.
The government discards information that is plainly domestic and searches through the rest using only specific selectors — a phone number or email address, for instance. But Americans’ information that is incidentally collected and determined to contain some foreign intelligence value is fair game for review.
Cohn said such data on Americans could include communications that are to, from or about foreign targets the FISA court has already approved for surveillance. For example, if two Trump campaign officials were talking via email about a Moscow official under surveillance, that conversation might get flagged as relevant.
Trump’s anger over the potential surveillance of him and his campaign is only likely to increase people’s awareness of these programs, some of which are up for reauthorization at the end of 2017.
The White House reportedly supports a “clean” reauthorization with no revisions. But the heightened attention to the topic has already been used in Capitol Hill hearings to argue for an overhaul of the laws.
“I think that even if [Trump is] not exactly right about what happened here, the fact that he could tweet this … and we can’t tell exactly what happened, means that we need to have an honest conversation in this country about these authorities,” Cohn said.
In conclusion, this needs to be stressed:  “I think that even if [Trump is] not exactly right about what happened here, the fact that he could tweet this … and we can’t tell exactly what happened, means that we need to have an honest conversation in this country about these authorities,” Cohn said.

4 thoughts on “Obama Administration Was Using Russian Spies To Monitor Trump Campaign – That Is What Hillary Clinton's Assistant Robby Mook Says, But How Does He Know?

  1. This gives the House and Senate intel committees reason to investigate the illegal covert actions of the CIA. Sessions needs to investigate the previous two Attorney Generals and the FBI. Let’s gut this creature and see what’s inside. Pizza?

  2. Pamela, you are a wonderful source of heartfelt journalism. I also feel that Mr Trump is a very special man for the job. Might have said it before, a female psychic on the Jeff Rense show, a believer like yourself, said her astro/theological insight was his purity of heart is a gift to humanity in a time of great need.
    In the light/dark metaphorical reality, those freaking out at him are like vampires running from the sunlight. They can’t stand in the light of truth. He is just the right amount of street wise and brilliance.

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