A different theory of cancer

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by Jon Rappoport
“The scrambling of chromosomes is so massive that no two cancer cells are identical. This means there is no typical cancer cell for vaccines or drugs to target and drug resistance is inevitable. All this without gene mutations.” (David Rasnick, PhD, former mainstream researcher, who has now become an outsider.)
A theory to explain the failure of the war on cancer? A theory that indicates in simple terms why mainstream treatments fail? A door that could open up on new alternative treatments?
There is a fascinating book-in-progress by chemist David Rasnick, PhD. It proposes a quite different view of cancer.
Here is an excerpt from David’s bio: “The past 21 years I have studied cancer from a completely new perspective. Prior to that, I worked in the pharmaceutical/biotech industries developing drugs against cancer, emphysema, arthritis, and parasites.”
“I…synthesized the first peptidyl-fluoromethanes. These molecules are…used around the world in the development of therapies for the tissue-destroying diseases of arthritis, cancer, and parasites, among others.”
David presents an explanation of cancer by tracing the cause to CHROMOSOME MALFUNCTION—which is a major departure from the current GENE-MUTATION hypothesis.
Merriam-Webster: “[A gene is] a unit of DNA that is usually located on a chromosome and that controls the development of one or more traits and is the basic unit by which genetic information is passed from parent to offspring.”
Vocabulary.com: “A chromosome is a strand of DNA that is encoded with genes. In most cells, humans have 22 pairs of these chromosomes plus the two sex chromosomes…”
David writes: “Cancer is a disease of the chromosomes! This simple understanding changes everything—from prevention to diagnosis to treatment. It explains spontaneous remission, inevitable drug resistance, and strongly supports alternatives to radiation and chemotherapy. It can help you and your family make better informed choices.”
David is raising funds for the purpose of completing his book. You can go to his Indiegogo site and watch David explain his cancer research, and if so moved, make a contribution.
I asked David to make a few comments about his new work—now that he has moved from the scientific mainstream to an “outsider” position. Here are his remarks:
“The biggest mark against [gene] mutations causing cancer is that every attempt to experimentally, or any other way, to prove it has failed. Second, basing diagnosis and treatment on the gene theory have failed to reduce the incidence of cancer and mortality. Third, theoretical and experimental proof that unbalanced chromosomes cause cancer continues to amass. So far, the chromosomal imbalance theory has successfully explained everything we know about cancer: how it starts and progresses over years to decades, its physical and behavioral characteristics, inevitable drug resistance, the impossibility of a vaccine against cancer…”
“Anything that becomes entrenched is difficult to replace. The trillion dollars spent on the gene centric war on cancer has created a mighty citadel. Huge egg in the face of government, drug companies, academics and opinion leaders to say whoops folks, sorry, we got it wrong.”
“Unbalanced chromosomes completely disrupt the species specific and tissue specific location of chromosomes. The chromosomes still orchestrate the production of proteins but in bizarre and uncoordinated ways. Again, without mutation of genes.”
“…there is an overall gain in chromosomes as…unbalanced cells divide over a period of years to decades. The amount of protein in a cell is proportional to the number of chromosomes, which means that cancer cells have considerably more protein than normal cells. The extra protein leads to the secretion of very dangerous digestive enzymes and other proteins responsible for invasion of adjacent tissues and metastasis.”
“The scrambling of chromosomes is so massive that no two cancer cells are identical. This means there is no typical cancer cell for vaccines or drugs to target and drug resistance is inevitable. All this without gene mutations.”
“The chromosomal imbalance theory changes everything about cancer. It offers young researches a very powerful and productive alternative to the hopelessly failed gene mutation theory.”

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