A few gems from the mainstream news on Omicron…

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“Since the start of the pandemic, the US has recorded 51.2 million COVID-19 cases”

While some get reinfected, it’s still notable that it’s been estimated that 80% of cases go undiagnosed. Potentially over 200 million people have already had it. We are reaching natural herd immunity.

“In the past, we roughly thought that COVID was 10 times worse than flu and now we have a variant that is probably at least 10 times less severe”

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Natural herd immunity is part of the reason Omicron is mild. Ten times less severe than the flu! And more transmittable so Herd immunity will become more robust quickly.

Omicron marks the end of a mild pandemic the world freaked out about. It’s about to get real difficult for the vaccine pushers and passport pushers to justify the current strategy but they will continue to chip away at medical privacy with intrusive government and health measures warning of future threats.

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