A Few Resolutions for 2018

by Charles Hugh-Smith
Here are some resolutions I’m pondering adding to my daily routines.

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Since “We are what we repeatedly do” (attributed to Aristotle), i.e. we are what we do every day, resolutions have little consequence until they become daily habits. With that in mind, here are some resolutions I’m pondering adding to my daily routines:
1. Mourn what is lost but celebrate what remains.
2. Learn from the past but look to the future.
3. Get rid of something every week that I no longer use/am unlikely to use.
4. Don’t wait for someone else to clean up a mess; clean it up myself.
5. Make my own five-year plan; lay out what I need to learn and invest to reach these goals.
6. Forgive others, and myself.
7. Get stronger, not meaner.
8. Create more, ask for less.
9. Grow more food/lavish more care on my fruit trees.
10. Build more stuff.
11. Promote what I believe are scale-invariant solutions: the community/social economy, and CLIME (Community Labor Integrated Money Economy).
12. Seek out and nurture beauty in all its manifestations.
A New Year’s Dare: a handful of hardy souls have listened to the entire 23 minuteKitchen Sink Concerto #1 I recorded in 2017 with my friend S.T. Do you have what it takes to listen to the whole darn concerto? (Go ahead and skip around, you might find something you like….)

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The current conventional-wisdom view of our soon-to-be future is rose-tinted: automation will free millions of people from the drudgery of work, then by taxing the robots doing all the work, we can pay everyone Universal Basic Income (UBI), enabling a life of leisure and artistic pursuit for all. The result: A future of Universal Happiness.
But is this accurate? Is this what UBI is actually capable of doing? More importantly, is this what we want?
And even more importantly: will this “future” be our best future? Will it account for and manage the practicalities of work, money and automation, given the limits of endless growth on a finite planet?
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