A Footnote To The Craziness Of Trump-Era Democrats

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Noemie Emery: History will forget this impeachment.“Even a huge, screaming headline in the biggest type possible cannot lend suspense or importance to an event that began three years ago and whose outcome was never in doubt. The war to impeach President Trump has been waged at full throttle since 2016. And so, an inflection point in late 2019 is not all that striking, especially since the next stage in the drama will be to return the whole thing to the status quo ante. The impeachment proceedings against Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton had been genuine digressions from the traditional politics that had marked their first terms in office, and to which the country would later return. In contrast, our politics has been dialed up to 13 on a 1-to-10 scale since Trump was elected.”

MERRY CHRISTMAS: ‘Awakening’: Black voters ‘abandoned’ by Democrats warm to Trump.

REACH FOR? REACH FOR? THEY STARTED OUT ABSURD:  Democrats’ impeachment dealings reach for the absurd.

It’s a short reach. They basically had to jump over absurd to get to ridiculous, which is where they are now.

Insanity is the next stop.


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