A GIANT SURPRISE: Photos of Skeletons of 7 -9 foot giants, Mounds, Stonework! Jim Vieira

Jim Vieira lectured in Amherst, Massachusetts 3 days ago about ancient giants unearthed by archaeologists attached to the Smithsonian up into the 1940’s this stuff was being reported in the major press!… Now… a total black out. The bones are missing from collections. He also discusses ancient mound structures and strange stonework. Great amount of photos of skulls, bones, skeletons, and things not seen by the public in a hundred years! A Giant Surprise – Jim Vieira:

Jim gave a TED Talk back in November discussing these giants unearthed by the thousands, in news reports, Smithsonian reports, science journals etc. His video got 118,000 views and was the most watched TED video, before TED decided to pull it off the internet — effectively censoring him. Their reasons were ridiculous. Whatever one may think of mystery stone ruins, and giants, they are clearly a part of our history the powers that be DO NOT want you to know about!
This is the video TED removed after it was going viral, and got 118,000 views. They basically needed to implement damage control, so they pulled this video.


UFO journalist Paola Harris shared ufology updates, as well as new details about her investigations into anomalous cases in Italy. On the island of Sardinia, she spoke with Luigi Muscas who told her that his family had dug up many bones and human artifacts that he believes came from a race of 15-ft-tall giants who lived on the island thousands of years ago (view related images). She also received photos from Luciano Medici, which he took in January, 2009 on his property. Medici claims that the images depict a group of luminous alien beings floating above the ground.
Gallary of photos
Giant skull: paolaharris.com/english/home-page/latest-european-ufo-research-have-ets-visited-sardinia-in-the-past/attachment/251878_286540624802775_1605152021_n-2
Skeleton of Giant: paolaharris.com/english/home-page/latest-european-ufo-research-have-ets-visited-sardinia-in-the-past/attachment/74694_286556621467842_1734581281_n-2
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