A glimmer of sanity emerges from its long hibernation in Ontario Canada

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by release-roderick

So the convoy in Canada is making waves. I work at a deli in a grocery store and today we had less than half our stock in the counter and it SHOCKED our customers. But what amazed me was the amount of people piping up with “well it’s crazy but I support the truckers” and i vehemently agreed.

Imagine people getting mad that their favourite kind of ham isn’t in stock while simultaneously thinking the truckers who ship it should lose their jobs because they don’t want to take an experimental injection—or because they simply drew their line at bodily autonomy.

There’s still some insanity but the amount of times I heard “this is just getting nuts” or “were just done with this now” made me smile. We have a lot of old customers and a lot of liberal customers but we also have a ton of blue collar conservatives and like firemen police, soldiers (everyone comes for my sandwiches this is really just a commercial for my deli)

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In general, the vibe was a complete switch where I saw people speak up proudly against the mandates (in Ontario Canada mind you) and FINALLY I saw little totalitarian losers hold their tongue because for once they felt like the minority opinion and none of those soyboys will actually mouth off to a real man in the real world… i won’t get my hopes up, but at the same time we need to grab onto this momentum and let it ride. We may not get another chance.


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