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Do politicians know this????

“Under the CPCA, individuals who have unexplained wealth can be ordered by the courts to show how they got their assets.

The DPP only has to prove that there is a difference between your lawfully acquired income and your known assets.

It is then up to you to prove that your assets were lawfully obtained.

Any unexplained wealth may be confiscated and forfeited to the State”

i found this by a bizarre set of circumstance when looking legalese for a person that may be/ may not be incarcerated…



How will I know if my property has been frozen?

You do not have to be there in court for the DPP to be successful in obtaining a freezing order.

The DPP will often make the application without you knowing about it.

Once the police have obtained a freezing notice or if the DPP have successfully applied to the court for a freezing order they must personally serve the papers on you.

You or other people (for example, members of your family) might also be served with a freezing notice or a freezing order if you or they have an interest in the property.

If you are given a freezing notice or order you must not deal with frozen property in any way.

For example, you cannot sell it or give it away. If you deal with the property you might be committing a criminal offense.”


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