A Look Back At 2017 & Why 2018 Will Be The Year Independent Media Takes Over! – A Year In Review

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In this special WAM video, Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen break down the year 2017! It’s just the beginning. Wait until you see 2018!
In 2017, we traveled to Phoenix, Arizona. We went to Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico. We went to The Red Pill Expo in Montana. We covered Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada. We did streeters on the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia.
We interviewed:
*Ron Paul
*Maxime Bernier
*John Lamb twice
*Rob Kirby
*G. Edward Griffin
*Hosted a debate between Larken Rose and Victor Pross on borders
*Adam Kokesh
*Luke Rudkowski
*Dan Dicks
*Eric July
*Anarchy Girl
*Sterlin Lujan
*Carlos Morales
*Sonny Puzikas
*Judd Weiss (John McAfee’s running mate)
*Larken Rose
*Dr. Ryan Greschuk
*Stefan Aarnio
*Steven Stairs
*Stephen Kendal
*Jeff Berwick
*Ty Bollinger
*Robert Kiyosaki
*Richard Gage
*Lord Christopher Monckton
*Alex Newman
*George Webb
*Joel Salatin
*Patrick Wood
*Holly Swanson
*Congressman Thomas Massie
*John Stossel
*New York Governor Candidate Larry Sharpe
*Julie Borowski
*Jim Rogers
*Jeffrey Tucker
*Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland
*Lyn Ulbricht
*Max Keiser
*Larry Elder
*Andrea Parker, wife of Eric Parker
*Anthem Blanchard
*Anam Paiseanta
*Dan Johnson
*Edward Stringham
*Todd McDougall
*Kory Watkins, candidate for Texas governor
*Andrew Meyer the Don’t Tase Me Bro guy
*Walter Block
*Alissa Taylor
*George Balabanian
*Aaron Askew
*Molly Schneider
*Chad Jackett
*Dan Larimer, creator of Steemit
And many more!
Josh confronted Justin Trudeau and made international television! We’ve done speeches. Hosted events. Reported on politics, the monetary system, the markets, health, culture, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
John released his latest book “Canada The Greatest Economy In The World?”
We made use of the blockchain by posting on Steemit and DTube!
Long story short, 2017 has been an absolutely amazing year despite a lot of negativity in the news. However, we like to think forward, not backwards which is why we say, it’s only the beginning. 2018 will be like no other previous year. Independent media will prevail and we can do nothing but grow. Wait until you see what we have in store!
Happy New Year everyone! We’ll see you next year!

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