Jeff Sessions is Knee Deep in Alligators

Look who is knee deep in alligators!?JEFF SESSIONS. His entanglement with Vanguard exposes his hidden agenda and Betsy and Thomas say he must go if we are to clean the swamp and bring in the American Renaissance.
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7 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions is Knee Deep in Alligators

  1. WISE UP TRUMP!!!!
    sessions, private cell awaits. unless somebody does a Vegas on him first.

  2. Sessions IS the swamp. Sadly one of the possible candidates to replace him (Giuliani, the guy who arranged the 9/11 coverup if not more) is even worse.
    We need to do whatever we can to get Sessions fired AND make sure he isn’t replaced with yet another swamp dweller like Giuliani.
    Tom Fitton for AG!

      • True, but judging by that standard maybe we should just give the job to Hitlery Clinton for getting away with a lifetime of crimes…

        • Yeah..tough to argue the logic you used. Too bad the country would not be a beneficiary of some of what might happen under that scenario. Tough one to argue I must admit.

  3. Sessions is a career politician and is knee deep in corruption like the rest. He messed up accepting the AG job, it will expose him and now he knows it. I think Trump may be smarter than I gave him credit for. Now, hide and watch what is going to happen with the “IsraeHelli Capital. I hate Trump for doing that but hide and watch.

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