Happy New Year from North Korea: ‘The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons’

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by Chris Black

That crazy fat kid who rules North Korean’s totalitarian regime, to use Senator McCain’s own parlance,  also known as Kim Jong-un, has said on Monday that the US must recognize Pyongyang’s nuclear prowess, i.e. North Korea’s nuclear program is now a force to be reckon with, and not just an empty threat. To quote dear leader Kim himself via Yonhap News Agency:
“The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table. The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range. The United States can never start a war against me and our country. We have secured powerful deterrence against the nuclear threat from the U.S.”
The young and obviously overfed dictator chose to start 2018 with a nuclear warning to President Trump’s administration. However, it must be noted that even if Kim Jong-un  claims that the United States doesn’t have the courage to initiate a shooting war with Pyongyang, now that his country became a nuclear power and all that, he did not burn all the bridges of diplomacy. During the New Year’s Day official speech, Kim said that North Korea is, let me quote him again: “a peace-loving and responsible nuclear power”, as he tried to deescalate the tensions on the Korean peninsula and improve diplomatic relations with the South:
“When it comes to North-South relations, we should lower the military tensions on the Korean Peninsula to create a peaceful environment. Both the North and the South should make efforts. North Korea’s participation in the Winter Games will be a good opportunity to showcase the national pride and we wish the Games will be a success. Officials from the two Koreas may urgently meet to discuss the possibility,”
said Kim. As a quick reminder, the rogue Pyongyang regime successfully tested 5 brand-new ballistic missiles in 2017, including 2 never seen before ICBMs and a thermonuclear device (an H-bomb), thus achieving new means to threaten its immediate neighbors and, as a bonus, now even US mainland seems to be within Kim’s grasp. Also, the crazy fat kid made it crystal clear he’s ready and willing to use his nuclear paraphernalia if threatened, while calling for the mass production of ballistic missiles and nukes.
Now, if you ask me, Kim has already written his own death sentence. President Trump won’t play these cat and mouse games with him anymore and wait for US or its allies to be nuked. Credible insiders are saying the training is in operation and the decision is made.
Kim had claimed at least a dozen “acts of war” against his country during 2017. Every move we make with the South is also called an act of war. In truth, all Kim seems capable of threatening the US with right now is to launch one of his ICBMs and pray first that it works, and second that whatever the payload may be, will survive re-entry before we retaliate in kind.
We can all thank China for creating a nuclear nightmare by supporting North Korea during all those years of international sanctions. China’s censorship of the internet is a reflection of the repressive nature of its totalitarian political system. I believe that China’s use of free trade as a criminal enterprise in order to advance themselves at the expense of free market economies will soon become a thing of the past. When so called free trade with China will finally end, the collapse of China’s economy will occur and then we can finally get back to reality.

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from North Korea: ‘The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons’

  1. Then perhaps we should just let N.Korea be?
    Naaaaaw. What was I thinking!? The US and Israel lost in Syria with their terrorists, so need to ramp up something new and bigger.
    Funny how the ‘enemy’ are non-Rothschild banking countries, but that’s probably just my tin foil hat paranoia….

  2. Perhaps he is correct, that means his ICBM’s can detonate anyplace world wide, who will he target next?
    He may indeed be immune to direct attack BUTT WAIT! THAT’s WHAT WE THOUGHT ON 9-10-01.
    the Japanese thought their power plants where flood proof.
    the USA has caused this man to waste most of his money and lives of his people for nothing, the ZIONIST in the US government will NEVER allow a KOREAN WAR!
    A Korean war would take money and troops away from the IRAN wars.
    he would make more money and friends if he did a SPACE X KNOCKOFF!

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