A new low for Democrats and the House of Representatives. They just voted to CUT our military’s personnel accounts—the very accounts that fund troop pay, benefits, and housing.

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via house.gov:

Speaker Pelosi should never put politics ahead of our troops, yet she has. Those who are protecting and defending our country deserve better. Congress holds the responsibility of providing for the common defense of our nation, and today’s bill falls significantly short of that sworn promise.”

Background on House NDAA:
Makes cuts to our military’s personnel accounts. These accounts provide pay for our troops, as well as service member’s benefits and housing.

Falls short of the topline total outlined by military experts and military generals which are necessary to maintain America’s competitive edge against our adversaries.

Aims to close Guantanamo Bay and provide a direct transfer of terrorists from the detention center to U.S. soil.

Bars the Administration from taking action to continue securing our southern border. For example, prohibits the deployment of troops to our southern border to provide more support in managing the border crisis. Palazzo cosponsored an amendment to the NDAA that would provide the Administration





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