A Question for Trump’s Base: Did You Vote for Any of This?

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By Chris Black

Many argue that voting is just a fleeting hobby, as the older you get, the wiser you get, and  finally realize that if voting could change anything, they’d made it illegal. I think it was Mark Twain who said that almost 200 years ago, hence nothing’s new under the Sun really. The cruel reality is that we are nothing more than pawns, some may even say slaves to the corporatocracy, also known as the financial/governmental “royal” class, yet once in a while, even the wisest lose their temper and seem to believe their vote matters and has an effect.


Many of my readers voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and after his unexpected victory, felt they finally hit the jackpot and we have a winner (for the American people that is) in the White House. Truth be told, all his views who are now deemed to be extremist and racist by the left, were very mainstream not two decades ago. Even Bill Clinton shared the same exact views on immigration in the nineties, which means all the MSM propagated hysteria is nothing more than a manufactured crisis by elites who are now feeling endangered by the POTUS’ policies.


The problem with Trump is that he failed (at least so far) to deliver on many of his fundamental campaign promises,and I am talking about his core beliefs that made so many of us to lose friends and family members over voting/rooting for him. Even worse, he seems to have already broken a number of those core-promises. Can you guess which ones?


Let me begin with the most recent event: the illegal (under international law) and unconstitutional (under US law) bombing of Syria from last week. For decades, then-billionaire-playboy-reality-show-host-real-estate mogul Donald Trump had emphatically (and correctly) declared that America’s Middle Eastern wars and policies were a complete and utter failure, both in terms of human lives (lost and maimed in the tens of millions) and also catastrophically expensive for the American taxpayers. In the same time, America’s domestic issues were left unaddressed by both Republican and Democratic administrations. The Donald emphatically pushed, time and time again, the mantra that America’s wars in Syria (and Iraq/Afghanistan prior to Syria) were wasteful and basically stupid, as in the American taxpayer had nothing to gain from such military involvement. However, one year ago, he decided that bombing Syria would be a great idea. And then again, last week he did it again, thus putting America last.


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Obviously, the military-industrial complex, i.e. various globalist corporations and their lobbyists swimming in the swamp that’s surrounding Trump’s presidency were violently happy with last week’s attack, especially the walrus that’s now the POTUS’ National Security Advisor, whom some may know under its official name: John Bolton. What’s very funny is that Bolton himself was against bombing Syria 5 years ago, but since he seems to have reconsidered his views on geo-politics. The second bombing of Syria under Trump’s young presidency used the pretext that the victorious Assad regime attacked its own civilian population in Douma (a city near Damascus that’s still controlled by a faction of Islamic so-called “rebels” who want to make Syria sharia-compatible and exterminate/convert all Shiites, Christians and Alawites) using chemical weapons.  At the time of the attack, even Trump’s secretary of defense James Mattis said about the evidence on Assad using chemical weapons in Douma being inconclusive, yet Trump chose to strike Damascus anyway.


The Russians, who are Assad’s main ally in his fight with various terrorist factions/mercenaries sponsored by the US/Saudi Arabia/Israel et al and the main reason for which the Anglo-Zionist empire failed in executing its latest regime-change operation in Syria, said the alleged chemical-attack was a false flag that did not actually happen (as in it was staged) and warned that there’ll be Hell to pay (they used the diplomatic term “consequences”). If you have faith in the Intel agencies’ and you trust the government with telling you the truth, just remember the Iraq invasion due to Saddam’s alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction, the excuse used by the US to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime and destroy Iraq. Chinese officials also described the Douma chemical attack as a false flag operation, and an excuse to start a hot war with Putin’s Russia.


But forget about all that. Let’s suppose that Assad and the Russians who are advising/arming/supporting his regime are total morons, and despite the fact that they’re winning the war, they dropped a chlorine-bomb in Douma and killed 50 civilians for absolutely no strategical reason. Would such event justify starting a hot-war with a nuclear superpower, a new global conflagration that could potentially wipe out humanity and life as we know it? How is that Making America Great Again? Why are we getting involved in other people’s conflicts? We have our own issues at home, don’t we? Speaking of aggression, how about America’s unchecked invasion by millions of people via its southern border? What happened to that Wall? I think Mexico is a clear and present national security threat for America, and I fail to see the same in Syria, which is 5,000 miles away by the way.


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Americans voted for Trump after he promised to repeal Obamacare and to build a big, beautiful wall all along the Mexico border. We’re 15 months into his presidency and none of those happened. Trump also promised to focus on domestic issues, as opposed to foreign ones, and he vowed to launch a big-beautiful-program to address America’s crumbling infrastructure. Where is it? He also promised to resolve the issue of America’s illegal alien population (read deportation of illegals). And to “lock her up”. They are still here. She is still free. Trump promised to eliminate the huge federal debt in 2 terms/8 years. And a ban on Muslim immigration. To be honest, he tried the latter, but he was shot down in flames by activist courts/judges. However, he’s the same dude who bragged with his art of the deal. Where’s the deal? Where’s his ability to cut deals and persuade people? Maybe I’m not paying enough attention, or I don’t get 4D chess.


About federal debt, we’ve just added more than 1 trillion dollars to it, rather than putting a dent in the debt. Another core promise of his campaign was to declare China as a currency manipulator, yet not 3 months into his presidency he executed a 180, reneged on his promise and said China is kosher. Worse than that, Trump is now saying he’s thinking about re-joining the TPP ( Trans-Pacific Partnership), the treaty he withdrew us from 3 days into his presidency.


Did you vote for any of this?


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