A Quick Thought on the Labor Shortage Issue

by Chris Black

I know a couple in their mid-twenties. Between the two of them, they barely pulled in $1000 a week With the Covid unemployment they pulled in $3000 a week. With the additional stimulus, you can add almost $15k to their take. 

So prior to Covid, the two of them lived off around $3000 a month after taxes. They now made that much a week to sit on their asses. Plus thanks to generous orders in the state, neither of them had to pay taxes on their Covid money because they made under $30k a year individually. 

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The two of them pocketed over $175k tax free during Covid. Oh and they went on SNAP and got $600 a month for food. 

Is there any wonder why they don’t want to go back to work?

Also there’s this:


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