American People: You May Genetically Experiment On Me and My Children, But How Dare You Touch A Puppy!

by Chris Black

You all remember our Lord and Savior Fauci’s latest scandal: that satanic midget allegedly okayed  torturing  dogs for “science”.


How about the so-called vax tho’? The American people are truly beyond the pale.

Here’s the deal:

Every “trial” for these death shots has been a joke. 

Are we just supposed to believe Pfizer?!

Plus we know that any adverse event in the trials is just written off as a preexisting condition.

Self-certification should never be allowed. It just opens the door for fraud.

 In my industry the fraud was rampant when manufacturers were allowed to self-certify their products. They’d selectively put one tiny piece of foam in the standard impact location, so that the product would pass the test. 

If you hit anywhere else, it would fail spectacularly. These products were sold for years, and people died because of it. The company always claimed that the product met certification, so they weren’t liable.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission got involved after they purchased a few products off the shelf and had them independently tested. They found “certified” product failing at more than three times the highest threshold. 

Why did the companies do it? Profit, plain and simple. Making a product safe costs money. 

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If they could game the test and save cash, they did it.

If anyone wonders why the football helmet many NFL players wear has that cutout right on the top, it is because that is the standard drop location to test. That cutout lets it pass the test. Guess what happens if you test to either side of that cutout? The helmet fails. 

How many times does a player land directly on the top of their head?

The biggest mistake anyone makes is they believe that the people in charge care about them, especially when it comes to publicly traded companies. 

They have an obligation to the shareholders to maximize revenue, and if cutting every corner they can does that, then every corner gets cut.

Getting back to Fauci, he lied when he said that 90% of people need to be vaccinated. No infection has ever spread once 20-30% of the population is immune. 

The reason is that there just aren’t enough people to infect on a daily basis once that threshold is reached.

The 75% then 90% lie was told in an attempt to scare people into taking the death shot. 

Every day more and more people are getting seriously ill and dropping dead from the real pandemic. Covid19 was just renaming the flu, so people would get vaccinated with the real disease. 

The real pandemic is occurring in the millions who were stupid enough to believe that Fauci and the rest had their best interest in mind.

Take a look at Ireland. They experience the biggest outbreak in the world, with 90% of the population jabbed at least two times.

Wake up. 


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