If this System Wants to Last it Simply Can’t Convict Kyle Rittenhouse

by Chris Black

Older liberals and Jews who run newsrooms and prosecutor’s offices know this, but can they control the unhinged younger up and comers under them?

“Claims” self-defense? Get the f** out of here!


The threshold for how much shit people can take in America is high and getting higher, but imprisoning a teenage boy for a self-defense shooting against 3 evil perpetrators caught on tape is something most people will see as beyond the pale. 

It’s ridiculous that he is even facing charges.

Here’s another example of cooler headed people trying to pump the breaks on the forces they have released. 

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After a very hotly contested debate amongst Jews and liberals at the DoJ, they decided they would give the 100s of people arrested for merely entering the capitol and leaving on their own volition no-jail misdemeanor pleas. 

This was a debate the semi-sane people barely won. Part of their concern is that the Russians were capitalizing on the January 6th crackdown and torture and making America look like shit globally. 

The problem is there are a lot of psychopaths like judge Beryl Howell who have a single minded focus: they want to hurt anyone who ever supported Donald Trump. 

People like Howell have a destabilizing effect on America.  

The system knows they will provoke a civil war if not tempered. But even if they pull back the ghouls this round, there won’t be any cooler heads once the whack jobs in their 30s and 40s start replacing some of the more pragmatic/realist boomers in the federal government who understand that you can’t just kill and imprison 50% of the country.



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