A scheme to harm the President? Was he president at the time? Is this sedition or treason?

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John Solomon: “I got the Ukraine embassy on record admitting for the first time that “yes Alexandra Chalupa came, she tried to solicit dirt on Trump and Manafort, and she had a scheme, if we gave her the dirt, she (DNC) was going to try to throw a congressional hearing in an attempt to harm Trump”

Candidate Trump, it was 2016

Solomon’s article: thehill.com/opinion/white-house/441892-ukrainian-embassy-confirms-dnc-contractor-solicited-trump-dirt-in-2016

Over lunch at a Washington restaurant, Chalupa told Telizhenko in stark terms what she hoped the Ukrainians could provide the DNC and the Clinton campaign, according to his account.

“She said the DNC wanted to collect evidence that Trump, his organization and Manafort were Russian assets, working to hurt the U.S. and working with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin against the U.S. interests. She indicated if we could find the evidence they would introduce it in Congress in September and try to build a case that Trump should be removed from the ballot, from the election,” he recalled.



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