A Shift In Voting Is Taking Place – Fresh New Faces Wanted – A Whole New Playing Field, But New Does Not Mean Better.

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by Ruby Henley


Boston City Councilor, Ayanna Pressley, bulldozed over longtime Representative Michael Capuano in the 7th District with 58.6 percent of the vote.   Capuano barely even made it with his hometown of Somerville, which had gotten him to Congress two decades earlier.

There is a shift in voting taking place right now, and the Pressley campaign represents a whole new playing field. Pressley says, “If you’re serious about running a grassroots campaign, you don’t just pick and choose where you think you can run a strong race.”

Her senior campaign advisor Alex Goldstein said, “One of the central values to a grassroots campaign is that everything is on the table and every community is worthy of organizing in and on behalf of, and I think that’s what we tried to do,” Goldstein said.


In other words, the Pressley campaign included every community, great and small, and most importantly…they attracted the young voters hiding behind closed doors.  The bottom line is they reached into the hidden recesses of our society and found voters.

It does appear fresh new faces are wanted, and, if I am right, it is because the youth of America are stepping forward to participate in community organizing.  They are not sitting passively at home, while the elders do the voting.

So, what are we looking at when it comes to the 2020 election playing field?

Pressley held even with Capuano in Somerville, where Capuano served as mayor for nine years. With more than 16,600 ballots cast in the city, Capuano won it by just 122 votes, less than 1 percent of the vote.

The Pressley campaign reached out to voters through mail and social media, located, and communicated with new voters, which seems to be the campaign’s winning strategy – OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW, but that does not mean ‘new’ is better.

For instance, young people like, David Hogg, may be ready to step forward politically, but what are their true motives?  David Hogg, the student from the Parkland, Fla. shooting, has become a prominent gun-control activist. His latest absurdity has been to protest the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

According to Hogg, Constitutionalist Kavanaugh supports the Second Amendment; therefore, his confirmation to the Supreme Court would supposedly lead to the deaths of thousands. How do the majority of ‘new’ voters feel about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?

It should not matter how anyone feels about the Kavanaugh nomination – what should matter in the United States of America is the respect for the Judicial system, which has always maintained this society.  Without that respect, we do not live in a civilized society.

The following issues are creating a whole new voting climate here in the United States that most of us never expected to see.

  1. Illegal immigration,
  2. Far left aggression,
  3. Democrats will not take ‘no’ for an answer – and,
  4. Two different sets of laws – one for them and one for us.


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Pressley did not waste money on TV ads, as that does not work any longer.  She instead spent funds to create her ads in Hispanic, Haitian, and Chinese media outlets, including on the Spanish language networks.  I don’t think that has ever been done, but you are looking at the new political climate we are now dealing with..

A Boston consultancy firm stated that Pressley was wise in  “understanding the importance of engaging diverse residents and not being afraid to invest in a fully multicultural strategy” in the majority-nonwhite district.  

What other aspects made the Pressley campaign stand out?

  1. According to a poll, Pressley did better among younger and black voters.
  2. Capuano took the older and white voters.
  3. There was an energized Democratic base.  A statement was made by an official, “The passion and the discontent that’s sweeping the Democratic Party nationally is also present here in Massachusetts.”
  4. “That extends beyond just the Pressley and Capuano race.  People are voting in large numbers, and they’re electing some new candidates, and some news kinds of candidates.”
  5. Pressley said that some of the issues of inequality plaguing the 7th District were “cemented through policies long before” Trump’s presidency.
  6. She even put the blame for those policies on previous “Democrats in the White House and in control of our Congress.”
  7. Pressley campaigned on a broad “equity agenda,” seeking progressive reforms in areas ranging from health care to housing to immigration to the justice system.


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As you can see from the above, the Democrats are organized. This makes Hillary Clinton and her campaign look like a little ole lady in a wheelchair…literally.  

How does it make President Trump look?  Actually, if President Trump were not being harassed by a bogus Special Counsel, demons from a shadow government, and people like porn star attorney Michael Avenatti – actually, Trump being Trump, could take anyone on.

Trump being Trump does not care who he infuriates when he is ‘speaking his mind’ – unfortunately, some people are very touchy – causing Trump to make enemies.

The question is will his fellow Republicans forget and forgive, keeping him in the White House?  

Some considerations and reasons to keep President Trump are very obvious to me –

  1. He is wealthy and cannot be bought off.
  2. He is a visionary and thinks for himself.
  3. If he believes he is right, he cannot be intimidated by anyone.
  4. He understands what the United States is presently facing – most others do not.

And putting it mildly – the United States if facing a clear and present danger that most politicians do not understand.  What is that?

Russia has a ‘Russian Nesting Satellite” in space right now that the U.S. State Department is warning us about.  Is anyone listening? How many politicians do you think understand the following?

  1. This Russian satellite ‘births’ mini satellites – then those mini satellites birth their satellites – on and on.
  2. The whole world is in a panic- for this is not on the ground – this is in space.
  3. GPS runs our economy, and the GPS satellites are in space.
  4. This satellite also has a laser capable of rendering other satellites helpless.
  5. There has never been anything like this in space before.
  6. Last but not least – EMP attack possibility.

In conclusion, this is not the time to get rid of President Trump.  He knows the truth, and he has the guts to speak about it.

The Congressional candidate challenging Rep. Mike Capuano in Massachusetts says ICE is not keeping Americans any safer.



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