A short timeline of Goldman’s bullsh*t

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by Chocolate_fly

The S&P 500 sees 18% growth over the previous 12 months; one of the best years on record

December 31 2019: Goldman declares US economy is recession-proof


The S&P500 hits 2700; officially a bear market

March 11 2020: Goldman predicts bottom at 2,450 by mid-2020


The S&P500 hits 2380; blows out Goldman’s previous prediction of a bottom

March 15 2020 (4 days later lol): Goldman predicts bottom at 2,000 by mid-2020Source 2

March 17 2020: Goldman declares global recession is underway


The S&PP500 rebounds to 2750; one of the strongest bear market rebounds on record

April 13 2020: Goldman says bear market is over. They were just kidding about those mid-2020 bottoming predictions


It’s abundantly clear that Goldman is making their “predictions” after the market has made its move. They know nothing, or in my opinion, they are playing the taxpayers and fed as fools by overstating the dangers (fed, give us tons of money we need it NOW) and then overstating the recovery (look you fixed the economy by giving us tons of money, thx fed).




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