A Single Decade Of Child Crime Related Arrests In The US Government

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by IndenturedServant
There’s no other way to put it, those that rule over us consider us their prey. More specifically, they consider your children their prey.
This is another significant work put together by the same anon that did the ANATOMY OF A CHILD TRAFFICKING NETWORK graphic. This graphic depicts mostly low level/low ranking public officials and military. I suspect the medium and upper level offenders will become indelible in our minds when the human trafficking investigations become public. This Executive Order isn’t for shits and giggles. Read the topmost paragraph of that Executive Order. Look up the Acts mentioned. Read the whole thing a time or two.

You can search on any names or cases mentioned in the graphic and find your own sources for the info.
Right click the image, click View Image then left click on image to enlarge. It is a large image that requires scrolling in all four directions.

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