A Single Tick Bite Infects Man with Three Diseases, A 70-year-old man is being treated after his trip to the Northeast

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If you thought contracting just one disease from a tick bite was bad enough, you’ll find this latest development in tick-borne diseases downright appalling.

This spring, a 70-year old man visited an Oregon emergency room a month after getting a tick bite during a trip to the Northeastern U.S., according to the International Business Times. The man was suffering from fever, nausea, pain in his leg, and swelling in the ankle, near the bite site. The doctor who wrote about the incident that was published in the well-known BMJ Case Reports.

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The patient had anemia, low platelet count, and acute kidney injury, among other symptoms, and was suspected to have contracted three separate diseases that were causing those issues from the tick bite. His blood tested positive for Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis—all known tick-borne diseases.

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Fortunately all three diseases are treatable. The man was given a three-dose program of antibiotics and his symptoms seem to have resolved.



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