San Francisco Schools are Opening for JUST 1 day to obtain MILLIONS in FUNDING $$$!

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  • The class of 2021 will return to schools for ‘in-person supervision’ this week
  • Only two sites will be open meaning most students will not return to their school 
  • District officials and teachers union believe they will qualify for $12m in funding
  • The money was offered as a grant to districts where schools reopened by May 15
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San Francisco’s high school seniors will return to school for just one day so the city can qualify for $12million in state funds.

The deal between the district and teachers union, which has been described as a blatant money grab, will see the class of 2021 not even receive any in-person instruction from teachers but will instead have ‘in-person supervision’.

Most students will not return to their own schools as only two high school sites are being made available to seniors who will be welcomed back ‘for at least one day before the end of the school year’.


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