A Strange Parkland School Eye-Witness Most of MSM is Ignoring!

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Gee what a coincidence…..Florida Legislators were scheduled to meet regarding Relaxing Gun Background Checks. Hmm smells like an inside job again. Just in time to thwart the new legislation. www.miaminewtimes.com/news/florida-voting-on-pro-gun-bills-day-after-parkland-shooting-10090033

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6 thoughts on “A Strange Parkland School Eye-Witness Most of MSM is Ignoring!”

    • The media is always ready to spin these events as the work of “terrorists” or some other group that authorities want demonized. When Americans think about the horror of being under fire like this, they should think about what “their” government has done to millions of people in the Middle East. And falling bombs or covert hit teams or deadly drones are just as horrifying, if not more, than being in a school under some live fire attack. The media always covers these shootings with shots of the bereaved and worried people(as well they should!) while at the same time covering up for America’s massacres around the world!

  1. Don’t know what is going on, but it’s beyond weird. She seems so calm, and even smiles, sheepishly in fact, while telling her version of what happened. If she was talking to Cruz while shots were being fired in another part of the building, why should we assume he was the shooter? How did the authorities track this kid down so quickly when he had fallen in with the rest of the evacuees? I don’t believe one damn thing about anything we’ve been told because it simply doesn’t pass the smell test. It never passes the smell test anymore.


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