A summary of Tesla’s red flags so far

by VisheshRai

  1. Bought solar city to bail out musk and his cousin
  2. Brother sits on board
  3. 14% first pass rate at factory
  4. Long list of senior executives leaving in past two years.
  5. “Funding Secured” but Saudis invested in competitor
  6. No chief of accounting at the firm throughout this year’s filings
  7. Suppliers not getting paid, some going bankrupt
  8. JB straubel runs a secret company on the side that could have been a Tesla supplier (conflict)
  9. Elon prone to outbursts because of use of Ambien and possibly acid
  10. Factories for roadster and truck don’t exist but Tesla has taken deposits for 2020 delivery
  11. Musk has pledged a significant portion of his Tesla stock for borrowings
  12. Fremont factory makes a 911 call every 3 days (reports of suicide threats and drugs)
  13. factory workers shitting on the floor
  14. The Tent!
  15. Drivers struggling to get parts for repairs
  16. 2 Whistleblowers (issues at factory, damaged batteries)
  17. Several cars spontaneously combust
  18. Raising a potentially problematic amount of debt when extremely cheap equity would have been available.
  19. Regularly missing production targets Have I missed anything?
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