The current cloud rivalries between Google, Microsoft, and Amazon

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by raddingy

AWS is tailored for companies to move off of existing “legacy” datacenter operations into the cloud. They also have companies by the balls and, honestly, ethically I dislike them (though I haven’t really used anything else besides AWS). Developing in it is super nice.

Microsoft is built around, well, traditional Microsoft technologies. They really support IIS and .Net and AD and all that jazz extremely well. It is really easy to lift your existing Microsoft Stack into azure. They have gotten much better over the last few years (or so I’ve heard), but I remember how much of a nightmare it was to deploy a simple python application to azure back in 2015 or 2016. The service would crash and the server running my code was completely inaccessible after running for 15 minutes. We gave up and moved to AWS.

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Google is design with the google way of thinking: micro-service everything, put them in docker containers, and run them on Kubernetes. This is a radically new architecture that a lot of companies are trying to adopt albeit very slowly. Google cloud is great for this, when you have that technology, but you’ll probably end up just using AWS in the interim because its easier to first move to AWS and then develop that tech. So most people will probably just stick to AWS.

AWS is definitely the biggest. They are awesome at enterprise sales. They keep their customers in the loop, interact daily with them, and make an effort to listen to their needs. As I said, from a developer standpoint, they are truly amazing to work with. They offer so much that it’s hard to really wander out of their ecosystem, though other cloud providers have better systems in some areas.

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As a side note, I think what we will see more and more of in the cloud space is people going cross cloud. Like they have their computing in AWS, database in Microsoft and content in Google. This has its own challenges, but a lot of insanely smart people are working around the clock (probably not that hard tbh) to surmount them.


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