AAL Gains ($11k to $95k) and my journey

by Apex_Hots

All time and % gains

Bought 200 AAL $20 strike call options with an expiration of 7/17 on June 4th 8:20 AM PST for $0.55 and sold for $4.75 on June 5th 6:38 AM PST.

Trade confirmation.

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After losing all my savings, backing out from buying a home, and 1 year of being -$45k in the red experiencing no sleep, 3 strokes, and 69 heart palpitations, I am in the green. No more flipping my phone upside down and no more asking my wife’s boyfriend for his phone charger.

I thought I’d stop once I made all my $ back, but now I’m never leaving. Thought I would never post on reddit about this, but here I am, and I AM INCREDIBLY HAPPY. Love you guys.




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