ABC, NBC and CBS follow MSNBC/Will not air Trumps 4th of July parade

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Will not air Trumps 4th of July parade


  • Donald Trump promises the cost of his ‘show of a life time’ will be ‘very little compared to what it is worth’ as critics question cost of July Fourth celebration
  • ‘The cost of our great Salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth,’ he tweeted
  • ‘It will be the show of a lifetime!,’ he vowed
  • First lady Melania Trump will be with him at the festivities 
  • Military vehicles were moved in front of the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday afternoon
  • Two Abrams tanks will arrive on the National Mall overnight
  • Meanwhile, Republicans are worried about crowd size and that the event could turn into ‘Trump Inauguration 2.0’ 
  • The National Park Service diverted $2.5 million in funds to pay for Trump’s Fourth of July extravaganza, a fraction of the costs needed
  • The money comes from a fund used to improve national parks
  • The military expects Trump’s ‘Salute to the Fourth’ to cost it around $1 million
  • Several top military chiefs are skipping Thursday’s event 
  • Threatening to rain on the president’s parade is literally the rain as thunderstorms are in the forecast for the Fourth of July 
  • Additionally ABC, CBS and NBC will not cover the spectacle in full on their evening programs
  • MSNBC may show parts while Fox and C-SPAN will air Trump’s full festivities 
  • Tanks rolled through Washington D.C. Tuesday night and are in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where they will be on display for the Fourth 
  • President Trump also is closing down Washington D.C.’s airspace for his ‘biggest fireworks ever’ and for the military planes to fly by

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