According to the Buffett Indicator the US Stockmarket is strongly overvalued at 221%

According to this Website


The Buffett Indicator is the ratio of total US stock market valuation to GDP. As of January 14, 2021 we calculate the Buffett Indicator as:


Aggregate US Market Value: $47.6T


Current (Estimated) GDP: $21.5T

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Buffett Indicator: 221%


By our calculation that is currently 82% (or about 2.7 standard deviations) above the historical average, suggesting that the market is Strongly Overvalued. It has not been around this level since the Internet Bubble of the early 2000’s.


Criticisms of The Buffett Indicator It is important to call out that no single metric is illustrative of the entire market, of course. The primary criticism of using the Buffett Indicator as a valuation metric (and particularly in late 2020 using it as a metric to justify the overvaluation of the market), is that it does not address the state of non-equity asset markets.





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