Actor Michael Rapaport returns to his NYC neighborhood Rite Aid, days after filming thief stroll out with bags of stolen goods, and reveals how shelves are now ALL empty because ‘everybody stole everything’: Store closes and staff are out of work

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  • Michael Rapaport, 51, returned to his local Rite Aid on the Upper East Side on Sunday to showcase how barren the shelves were
  • In a video posted to his Instagram he said ‘there’s nothing to steal because… everybody stole everything’
  • His video came less than one week after he captured a brazen thief walking out of the pharmacy with two shopping bags of stolen goods 
  • The Rite Aid store on the Upper East Side is scheduled to close on February 15 due in part to a recent rash of thefts
  • Rapaport has blamed New York’s lenient bail reform for the brazen thefts

Actor Michael Rapaport returned to his neighborhood Rite Aid on Sunday only to find shelves empty just days after he saw a brazen thief calmly walk out of the store with two shopping bags full of stolen goods.

‘Back in my Rite Aid,’ he said in a video posted to his Instagram on Sunday. ‘And there’s nothing to steal because this Rite Aid like so many other Rite Aids is closing down because everybody stole everything. And the workers here don’t know if they’re getting jobs.

‘Congratulations, losers,’ the 51-year-old actor concluded in the video, which had already garnered 20,570 views in just one hour.

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It came nearly one week after the actor, known for his work on Boston Public, captured on video a bold thief sauntering out of the store, at 80th Street and 2nd Avenue, with two shopping bags full of stolen goods.


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