Adam Schiff Begs For Mercy… ‘Resign From Office…’

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Fox News host Mark Levin is not only calling Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren a “thug,” but he also believes that California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff should be disbarred.

During an interview on Fox News with host Sean Hannity, Levin spoke about reports that Schiff and his staff on the Democrat-led January 6 Commission admitted to doctoring text messages between GOP Rep. Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff mark Meadows.

“When it comes to Adam Schiff doctoring evidence, Adam Schiff is a lawyer and has a license in the state of California and maybe other places,” Levin began.

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“Rather than us just whining about this reprobate and unethical hack, let’s do something about it. Lawyers are not free to doctor evidence particularly when they are doctoring evidence for the purpose of putting people in prison,” he added.

“That’s exactly what Adam Schiff did. It’s time that people file a serious ethics complaint. Enough is enough. I’d ask the Republicans in Congress, but any citizen can do it – with the ethics arm of the Supreme Court of California and seek the license of Adam Schiff,” he said.

“This guy is unethical,” Levin said. “He doesn’t deserve to be a member of the bar – he is worse than a slip-and-fall lawyer, he’s a slip-and-fall congressman.”

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Levin then slammed Warren.

“Elizabeth Warren is a thug and a liar. She got into college lying about her ethnicity. She continued to lie about her ethnicity to get appointments as a professor,” he said.

“This thug wants to add four seats to the United States Supreme Court. That’s totalitarianism,” Levin added.




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