Afghan Refugees to get Lessons in Britishness?!

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by Chris Black

The key word here is “scheme”.

Afghan refugees will get lessons in Britishness: Migrants will learn English, British values and politics under new scheme

Ministers want to emulate schemes in countries such as France and Germany

In Europe refugees are giving 400-plus hours of language and culture lessons 

Robert Jenrick, communities secretary: ‘We want to warmly welcome and support Afghan families’


This article sounds like it was written by Rikki Doolan. It says a lot but also nothing at the same time. What exactly is “Britishness”? It’s a silly word that means nothing. What are “British values”? 

Tolerance? Inclusion? I guess I’m not British then. 

To be British means to be one of the native ethnic groups of the United Kingdom. And British culture is the culture of our people. Anything else is manufactured globalist garbage.

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